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This document was updated on Saturday, 27 August 2011.
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Please send email to the following address:
To improve the odds of me seeing your email, put Heathkit in the subject line.

My apologies for making you wade through another web page, but keeping my email address current on dozens of pages is too much of a chore.

Sometimes Gmail will put someone's letter into the spam folder. I periodically check it, so I'll eventually see it. Note that putting Heathkit in the subject line will help. I'll mark it as not spam and, it is to be hoped, your mail should get through in the future.


Before flaming me about not responding (or being slow to respond) to your email, please read the following:
I really don't mean to sound peevish or surly. I'm just trying to cut down on the bandwidth.

You're still more than welcome to contact me. Try the above stuff first, though. (Hint: Search the Web. That's what I do.)

If you have a unique Heath page, I do want to hear about it.

Anyway, my current email address is

Thank-you for your patience.
  --Bill Wilkinson

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