Service Qualification Exam

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Picture of me and Roger Svoboda. This is a picture of me (on the left) being handed my second Service Qualification Certificate by my boss, Roger Svododa, at Store #45 (Omaha, Nebraska) in 1978.

Heath Company had a training procedure that would allow you to take Service Qualification Exams on a particular product and—if you passed the exam with at least an 80% score—you'd receive a certificate and a gold sticker with the model number of the product.

As you passed more exams, they'd send you more stickers to place on the certificate. After I'd filled up all the spaces on my first certificate, Heath Service Publications and Training sent me the one in the picture on the left.

Not long afterwards (March of 1979), I was promoted to Service Technical Writer and transferred to St. Joseph, Michigan, to work for Frank Kendrick. Among other things, one of my jobs was to write Service Qualification Exams. Hmmm.

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