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The Kit Builders Journal was the result of a project Heath Company started in 1986. It was intended to provide their customers with a magazine that was a source of kit-related information. This would include construction techniques, repair information, and feedback from customers.

In addition, the magazine would cover kits other than electronics. So other manufacturers were to be represented. Incidentally, Heath Company sold various non-electronics kits of their own. Over the years, these included furniture, a small motorcycle called the "Boony Bike," a trash compactor, a log splitter, and even an automobile (which was prototyped, but never manufactured). And, of course, Heath Company got its start manufacturing and selling airplane kits.

Back to the topic...

I started this Web page just to show off an article that I'd written for first issue of KBJ. As I started putting the page together, I thought that maybe I should provide some information about KBJ since it's been out of print for almost a decade. So things got out of hand and resulted in this.

The following pages, however, cover only my article and some basic information on the first issue. This is partly due to copyright restrictions, but is mostly due to available Web space. So I doubt that I'll spend much more time on this page. However, if you've developed a detailed Web page about the Kit Builders Journal, please let me know.

Volume 1, Issue 1


Link to Kit Builders Journal #1 Cover Page The first issue of KBJ appeared in January of 1987. A "Special Edition" was sent to the initial subscribers and contributers. You can see a close-up of it by clicking the icon on the left. (Note: This picture is used with the permission of Heathkit Company, Benton Harbor, MI.) The standard copy of the first edition had a dark tan cover (instead of gold) and was distributed to the Heath/Zenith stores and to customers who subscribed after the initial release. There was no difference between the two other than the color of the cover and that one was marked "Special Edition" and the other "First Edition."

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